EMPUL holds firm on the Energy Motto “A Unit Saved Is A Unit Generated”, we emphasise on home energy transformations with the potential to achieve India’s ambitious United Nations climate change targets.

EMPUL is a company with a century of cumulative year in energy R&D, engineering, manufacturing and thermal power domains.

EMPUL’S clients and consumers are constantly meeting their energy savings need with our viable and best is class offerings for all their heating needs…

Our Products

Choose from the best water heating solutions

Eco 15V/25V

Capacity : 15 litres, 25 litres

Empul Eco 15H/25H

Capacity : 15 litres, 25 litres
Inlet/outlet types: centre, right side, left side

Empul Eco 15H/25H (RH)


Empul Eco 15H/25H (LH)


Empul Energy Etc(evacuated Tube collector) 100/150/200/300/500

Empul Energy Fpc (flat plate collector) 1C 100/150/200/300/500

Empul Synergy- FPC 2C 100/150/200/300/500


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